MAULOVE Beaming Like Sunshine

Born from the first mating of my dear french girl Nalani & the Russian dream boy Merano, "Samsa" was an "eye-catcher" from the day she was born.

She is just a dream!

A beautifully long, athletic body, a great pattern with hundreds of small spots, an incredibly attractive & yet so typical face with wonderful, large, almond-shaped eyes... I could probably continue this list here endlessly ;) But the most beautiful thing about her, is her dreamlike character!


The amount of love, trust and gentleness that this amazing cat radiates with every fiber of her being can hardly be put into words....


Black silver spotted tabby- (A/A -carries no smoke) D/D 

Tested for more than 42 genetic illnesses by  "Optimal Selection ® Feline" as are both of her parents


Samsa is just the most amazing mum and is retiring 2023 :) 

Dam: Emautions Made My Days (BOB winner)

Sire: CH Alltair Merano of Maulove