MAULOVE Mystic Miu

 "Miu" - our young sweetheart who is the result of a one-time mating between two absolutley stunning black silver spotted tabby Egyptian Mau cats.

We combined two of the best show champion lines and got bless with this super sweet beauty!

Miu is not only stunning to look at, but she also has a gentle and friendly personality.

She loves to cuddle and is an absolute lovebug.

She reminds us so much of her father, "Spotfire".

Miu is a black silver spotted tabby cat, and she carries for black smoke as well. She has been DNA tested for more than 42 genetic illnesses through Optimal Selection FelineTM, so you can be assured of her good health.

Dam: CH PtiPrince Sunrise Avenue

Sire: MAULLENIUM Spotfire